15 Decluttering Hacks and Tips for Overwhelmed Mamas

decluttering tips

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Are you frustrated by the amount of stuff that you have that you just don’t know what to do with? Do you find it hard to have a place for everything and everything in its place? If so, then these decluttering hacks and tips can help you to get all your stuff under control.

Believe me; I get it. Collecting clutter (and not being able to have a good place for it or let it go) is pretty common problem in our day. Especially when so many of us like to buy stuff. But with these 15 decluttering hacks and tips, you will be able to start to conquer the clutter in your life.

decluttering tips

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The Best Decluttering Hacks and Tips

These top 15 decluttering tips and hacks will help you to get clutter out of your life and help you keep your home clutter free!

1. Have a plan to help you as you declutter.

Everything is easier to accomplish with a solid plan in place!

You may decide to declutter room by room, or you could decide to declutter certain types of items (like toys or books or clothes). Or you might start by tackling the areas that need the most attention.

Create an action plan that will guide you in your decluttering efforts and help keep you motivated to succeed!

2. Have a place for everything, and put everything in its place.

You have probably heard this popular decluttering tip: have “a place for everything and everything in its place.” It’s simple, but it really is an important principle when it comes to taming clutter.

This advice will help you rid your home of clutter: when decluttering, pick up items one by one. If an item doesn’t have a designated place, find one or else get rid of the item. If you can’t find a place for it, chances are very good that you really don’t need it.

3. Use a timer to help you stay motivated while you declutter.

If you don’t love to declutter naturally or if you aren’t an overly neat or organized person by nature, then use a timer as your friend.

Set the timer for a short amount of time (such as 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes), and tell yourself you only have to clean or declutter until the timer is up and then you can go back to doing other things. It is amazing how much you will be able to get done in these small amounts of time!

If you set the timer for three 10 minute increments throughout the day, for example, that will be 30 minutes of dedicated decluttering, and you really will make a noticeable dent in your clutter or mess.

4. Use those treasured items.

A sure way to turn items into clutter is to store them away with the intent to use them only for “special occasions.”

This totally happened with my kids’ clothes. I would plan to keep an outfit for a special occasion, and then often the occasion
(such as a holiday) would pass, and I would forget I had the special outfit, and worse than that, the child would sometimes outgrow it before I remembered I had it or rediscovered it.

Why not make every day a special occasion? Use the nice china and silverware regularly, if you have it. Wear your special outfits. Display the souvenirs and knickknacks, or better yet, use them if they have a practical purpose.

5. Keep a donation box readily accessible.

Another simple decluttering tip or decluttering hack is to have a bin or box in your home that you always have readily available where you can put your unwanted or unneeded items. It will be easier and take less time to give things away if you already have a designated place to put them.

6. Take advantage of community sharing groups.

Search online or ask in local Facebook groups to find out if your community has local sharing groups for things like tools, children’s clothes, video games, camping equipment, or other items.

By being able to take advantage of this resource, you not only save yourself from having to find a place to store the item when it’s not in use or get rid of it after its useful life has passed, but you also save yourself the money you would spend having to buy the items.

And others benefit from the items you share, as well, and they free up space in your home. It really is a win-win.

7. Borrow items when you can instead of buying them.

This can be a really helpful decluttering tip, to help keep you from acquiring so much clutter in the first place. 🙂 Even if you don’t take advantage of sharing communities or don’t know of any in your area, borrowing items that you use rarely instead of buying them is a great way to go.

Again, it saves you the hassle of having to store and maintain an item you rarely use, and it saves you the money you don’t have to spend to buy and maintain it, as well.

8. Put a time limit on items.

One way to help you determine what you can get rid of is to put a time limit on things. For example, commit to getting rid of any article of clothing you haven’t worn in six months.

An easy hack to help you do this is to hang up all of your clothes in your closet with the hangers backward. Anything that doesn’t get turned around within six months gets donated or otherwise given away or sold.

9. Teach your kids to be able to let go of stuff.

For me, this is such an important decluttering tip! I admit that this one can be really hard. Sometimes it’s hard for me to let things go, but with my kids, it’s often even worse. For every one thing they’re OK parting with, there are five they just have to keep.

One way to get around this is purge while they are at Grandma’s or otherwise away. Of course you don’t want to get rid of any items that they truly love, but many items they won’t even notice are missing.

10. Do something you enjoy while you declutter.

Doing necessary tasks is always more fun while doing something you like to do. For example, you could listen to some of your favorite murder mystery audiobooks. Or listen to a favorite podcast or motivational book.

If you will be in the same room for a while, you could even put on your favorite move on your phone or laptop or the TV if there is one in the room you’re working on.

11. Use baskets or bins to collect items until you have time to put them away.

This is another one of my favorite decluttering hacks or decluttering tips to make decluttering so much easier. If you are more into batch cleaning and organizing, then one simple hack is to have bins, boxes, or bags strategically placed in areas of your home where you can easily access them to put clutter until you want to take a few minutes to put the items away.

For example, you can have a basket at one end of your kitchen counter where you keep mail until you have time to sort it. You can have a bin where you collect toys and other kids’ items until you have time to put them away. You can have a bag hanging in your closet where you put unwanted clothes until you have enough to make a donation run.

12. Before you try to find a home for everything, first decide whether to keep it or not.

When you are doing a major decluttering session start by sorting everything into two piles: a pile to keep and a pile to toss. Once you have gotten rid of the pile of items to toss or get rid of, it is much easier to deal with the remaining items.

13. Look at your home as if you were a first-time visitor.

View your home as if you were a first-time guest. Write down what you don’t love about how you have organized the space or how neat and tidy it is, and make changes.

14. Routinely ask yourself these two questions as you declutter.

To help you better whittle down your possessions, ask yourself these two questions as you declutter: Do I love it? Do I need it? If you can say “no” to both, then do yourself a favor, and get rid of it.

15. Be true to yourself.

Another one of my top decluttering tips is to be honest with yourself. When trying to cut the clutter, be honest with yourself about why you have the items that you do.

For example, do you have certain items because you really will use them, or because you wish that you would use them or were the type of person that would use them?

Maybe you want to be crafty, but you just don’t have the knack for it and don’t want to make the time to do it.

So rather than buying supplies you’ll never get around to using or that you will use to make only half-finished items, tell yourself it’s OK not to be crafty, and find other pastimes you enjoy, instead.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Decluttering Hacks and Tips

I know that decluttering can feel so overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. But the end result of having a clutter-free area or room or home can bring so much peace and contentment. And these decluttering tips and hacks can help you get to that place of peace and happiness.

What are some of your favorite decluttering tips and hacks? What decluttering hacks have you found to be most helpful? Leave a comment below and let me know! I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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