65+ Dinner Themes: Fun Themed Dinner Nights

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One of the easiest ways to plan dinners (and make them fun, and tasty, too!) is to plan dinner themes. In this article I share more than 65 fun dinner theme night ideas for families!

Plus, I’ve also included several fun printables below to help make your themed dinner menu a snap! Below you’ll find dinner theme suggestions for the week, plus ideas for themed food days meal ideas (dinner theme night ideas) for a whole month (five weeks).

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Make Family Themed Dinner Nights Fun!

When you have the time or for special occasions, why not really get into your dinner themes to make it fun for you and the kiddos? For example:

  • Wear Hawaiian shirts on Hawaiian/island night.
  • Wear a sombrero and shake maracas or play Mariachi music on Mexican night.
  • Wear your favorite jersey on game night.
  • Lay out a checkered blanket, use a picnic basket, and eat in the family room for a picnic theme night.
  • Wear beach apparel for a beach theme night.
  • Listen to Italian music during Italian night.

Themed Dinner Nights

Make dinner easy by using dinner theme nights a few times a week (or every day of the week, to keep things even easier) :). These are easy food themes for days of the week.

If you want this list as a printable download, grab it below!

  1. African Theme
  2. American Theme
  3. Asian Theme
  4. Barbecue Theme
  5. Brazilian Dinner Theme
  6. Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner) Theme
  7. Burger Night Theme
  8. Campfire Dinner Theme
  9. Casserole Theme
  10. Chicken Theme
  11. Chili Night Theme
  12. Chinese Theme
  13. College Meals Theme
  14. Cultural Night Theme
  15. Crockpot Theme
  16. Dirt Cheap Dinners Theme
  17. Dress Up Dinner Party Theme
  18. Egg Theme
  19. Fish Theme
  20. Foil Pack Dinner Theme
  21. Formal Dinner Theme
  22. Game Day Theme
  23. Garden Party Theme
  24. Greek Theme
  25. Grill Theme
  26. Hawaiian/Island Theme
  27. Holiday Dinner Theme (different holiday)
  28. Indian Theme
  29. Instant Pot Theme
  30. Italian Theme
  31. Japanese Theme
  32. Karaoke Party Theme
  33. Kebab Theme
  34. Kids’ Favorites Theme
  35. Leftover Night Theme
  36. Meat Lovers Theme
  37. Meatless Theme
  38. Mediterranean Theme
  39. Mexican Theme
  40. Pasta Theme
  41. Picnic Theme
  42. Pizza Night Theme
  43. Potato Bar Theme
  44. Rice Theme
  45. Romantic Dinner Theme
  46. Salad Theme
  47. Sandwich Theme
  48. Seafood Theme
  49. Seasonal Theme
  50. Sheet Pan Theme
  51. Slow Cooker Theme
  52. Snacky Dinner Theme
  53. Soup and Salad Theme
  54. Soup Theme
  55. South American Theme
  56. Southern Dinner Theme
  57. Spaghetti Night
  58. Steak Night
  59. Stir Fry Theme
  60. Summer Party Theme
  61. Sushi Theme
  62. Thai Theme
  63. Time Period Theme
  64. Vegan Theme
  65. Vegetarian Theme
  66. You’re on Your Own Theme

    Pro tip: Want to keep this list of dinner theme night ideas handy? You can grab a printable copy of this list just below!
themed dinners

Weekly Dinner Themes Night Meal Plan Ideas

Here is an example of a simple weekly theme night meal plan with ideas for dinners for the month.

Also be sure to grab a printable version of a weekly dinner theme nights meal plan below! They are great resources to have for theme day menus!

Monday: Meatless—macaroni and cheese, quesadillas, fried rice, meatless spaghetti

Tuesday: Italian—lasagna, chicken fettuccini alfredo, spaghetti, ravioli

Wednesday: American—hamburgers and fries, meatloaf, sloppy joes, hot dogs and chips

Thursday: Mexican—tacos, enchiladas, burritos, fajitas, taco salad

Friday: Casseroles—shepherd’s pie, cheesy potatoes, baked ziti, ham and potatoes au gratin

Saturday: Asian—sweet and sour chicken, orange chicken, chicken curry, stir fry

Sunday: Soups and stews—chili, beef stew, taco soup, chicken and vegetable noodle soup

Monthly Themed Dinner Nights Meal Plan (Printables)

This sample monthly themed meal plan printable will give you fun and easy themed dinner nights meal ideas for the whole month!

themed dinner meal plan

Or make your own version with this free printable!

themed dinner night ideas

Weekly Dinner Themes Meal Plan (Printables)

You can also make your weekly meal planning even easier with these free dinner theme night ideas printables to use as quick reminders and keep things really simple!

dinner theme night ideas

You can grab also grab a blank version of the free weekly dinner theme nights printable here!

Want Even More Help with Meal Planning?

If you want more help to make meal planning quicker, easier, and less expensive, check out the Make It Easy Meal Planning Binder. It has everything you need to make meal planning a snap (with 60+ printable pages + 75 BONUS budget friendly recipes!), including dinner theme night printables, and you can get it now for a great price.

Meal Planning Binder

Final Thoughts on Dinner Themes and Easy Dinner Theme Night Ideas

Planning dinner themes is a great way to make meal planning simpler! And it can make your family dinners more fun, too! With so many options, dinner theme night ideas keep things simple without making mealtime boring.

What are your favorite dinner theme night ideas? Do you have themed dinners as part of your regular meal plan? Leave a comment below and let me know. I would love to hear your ideas!

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