55+ Easy Toddler Meals (Your Kiddos Will Love!)

easy toddler meals

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As a full-time working mom of a pretty picky little girl (I know I’m not alone in having a particularly picky kiddo, and I totally commiserate with you, mama!) and twin newborns, making easy toddler meals was not just desirable, it felt like a matter of survival! 🙂

Fortunately, there are a lot of great options for easy toddler meals and snacks, and in this article I share more than 50 of them.

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Helpful Gear for Easy Toddler Meals

One of the things that has helped our kiddos to be willing to eat their food (because it made it so the different foods didn’t touch each other; yeah, you know how that goes …) are to have sectional plates.

sectional plates for easy toddler meals

They also preferred to use the colorful toddler utensils long after they probably actually needed them. 🙂

utensils for eating easy toddler meals

And we loved the small, colorful bowls like these ones for easy portion control, both for meals and for snacks, as well.

We went through a plethora of sippy cups. 🙂

And we have quite a few of the fun, colorful toddler cups, as well.

cups for easy toddler meals
easy toddler meals

Tip: Save the image just above to Pinterest so you can easily find these ideas for easy toddler meals later.

50+ Ideas for Easy Toddler Meals

Here is a good list of some of my favorite fast and easy toddler meal ideas. These are all favorites of one or more of my own sweet kiddos,

  1. Grilled (or microwaved) cheese sandwiches
  2. Cheesy quesadillas
  3. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (or wraps, in a tortilla shell)
  4. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches
  5. Tuna fish (with pickles or relish, if your kiddos like that) sandwiches
  6. Egg salad sandwiches (with diced pickles, if desired), cut in fourths
  7. Chicken salad sandwiches (make it with left over cooked or with canned chicken to make this in minutes), cut in fourths
  8. Crackers, cheese, and pepperoni or cubed (thicker) lunch meat (i.e., homemade Lunchables)
  9. Macaroni and cheese (add cooked carrots and broccoli, for more nutrition)
  10. Fish sticks and fries or chips
  11. Cut fruit and sliced cheese
  12. Hummus with veggies and crackers
  13. Pizza quesadillas
  14. Ham or pepperoni pizza muffins
  15. Refried bean and cheese burritos
  16. French bread pizza
  17. Cheesy baked potato wedges
  18. Macaroni shells with spaghetti sauce (I used the macaroni pasta because it was easier for the kiddos to eat, and less messy)
  19. Egg fried rice (use leftover rice to make this in minutes)
  20. Scrambled eggs with cheese
  21. Egg omelets
  22. Ham (or other luncheon meat) cheese sandwiches
  23. Ham and cheese wraps
  24. Yogurt and berries
  25. Mashed banana with oats
  26. Toast with avocado
  27. Toast with applesauce
  28. Hard-boiled eggs
  29. Apple wedges with peanut butter and cheese sticks (or cheese wedges)
  30. Cereal
  31. English muffins with eggs and cheese
  32. Fruit smoothies
  33. Peaches and pears with cottage cheese
  34. Toast with jam
  35. Toaster pastries
  36. Oatmeal
  37. 2-ingredient banana oatmeal cookies
  38. Cream of wheat
  39. Blueberry, banana, or other muffins
  40. Pancakes or waffles (or frozen waffles)
  41. French toast
  42. German pancakes
  43. Banana wedges with nut butter
  44. Breakfast burritos (for older toddlers)
  45. Crepes
  46. Chicken nuggets and fries or tater tots
  47. Corn dogs (cut up, for younger kiddos) and fries
  48. Eggs and cheese burritos
  49. Ramen noodles (with cooked vegetables or corn)
  50. Spaghettios or canned mini ravioli
  51. Chicken (cut in strips) with cooked veggies
  52. Corn and mashed potatoes
  53. Mashed sweet potatoes
  54. Broccoli alfredo (easiest with shell noodles instead of fettuccine noodles)
  55. Refried beans with melted cheese

Toddler Finger Foods

In addition to the easy toddler meals above, when your baby is just beginning to eat solid foods or when you just want simple snacks, easy toddler finger foods are so helpful.

These are some of the toddler finger foods we used with our own kiddos.

  1. String cheese or cheese strips (cut from blocks of cheese; a more budget friendly alternative :))
  2. Avocado cut in wedges
  3. Pasta shells (cooked)
  4. Apple wedges
  5. Mandarin (like Cutie) oranges
  6. Peach wedges
  7. Hard-boiled eggs
  8. Halved strawberries
  9. Pear wedges (soft ones, for younger toddlers)
  10. Snack crackers
  11. Graham crackers
  12. Banana wedges
  13. Raspberries
  14. Grapes (cut in wedges)
  15. Blueberries
  16. Watermelon (cut in wedges)
  17. Cantaloupe (cubed or in wedges)
  18. Kiwi, sliced
  19. Granola bars
  20. Mango wedges
  21. Broccoli
  22. Pickle spears
  23. Cauliflower
  24. Cherry tomatoes
  25. Baby carrots or carrot sticks
  26. Waffle sticks (I love these still!)
  27. Pancakes cut in strips
  28. Toast cut in strips
  29. Toasted Os and other similar breakfast cereal

These toddler finger foods are perfect for snacks, but you can also combine the ideas for fruits, veggies, dairy, and/or meats above to make simple meals that even picky eaters will like.

Final Thoughts on Easy Toddler Meals and Toddler Finger Foods

Even if you have kiddos who are pretty picky eaters, they are bound to love many of the simple toddler meals and toddler finger foods ideas included in this article.

What do you think of these ideas for easy toddler meals and toddler finger foods? What are your kiddos’ favorite foods? Leave a comment below and let me know. I would love to hear your ideas.

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