The Best Summer Bucket List {for Kids or Anyone!}

summer bucket list

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You’ll love this fun free summer bucket list with tons of ideas to help keep your kids happy and entertained all summer long!

Be sure to grab your free kids summer bucket list below! 👇

Could You Use Even More Help Planning the Perfect Summer with Your Kids?

But before you grab your free printable summer bucket list below … if you could use help with your kids and managing their time and activities this summer, then keep reading ….

 Get a simple plan and fun resources to create an incredible summer with the kids without all the nagging, complaining, whining, and fighting.

Introducing the Make It a Super Summer Activity Planner!

If you’re half dreading another long summer at home with all the kids, then keep scrolling …
Believe me, tired mama, I get you. 
Last year after everything changed and everyone was home together all day every day, wonderful as it was to have more time with the kids, can I just say that there were more than a few tantrums and tears and battles over school work and chores and screen time? (And the kids did their fair share of crying, too. :-P)
I quickly realized I needed some kind of strategy or system in place to help us succeed.
As we established some simple but powerful routines and schedules and activities as an integral part of our day, things got infinitely better.
And this summer, as I thought about the prospect of having all the kids home again all day every day without the structure of school, I admit I felt a little daunted . . .

That’s why I created the Make It a Super Summer Activity Planner! Grab your copy for a great introductory price or learn more here!

Free Kids Summer Bucket List

With this fun summer bucket list, you will find tons of ideas for things that you can do with your kiddos (or that they can do on their own; many of the activities can be self directed) all summer long.

Find simple ideas for fun summertime activities that will help to keep your kiddos occupied for hours and help them to build fun memories that can last a lifetime.

You can grab your free Summer Bucket List printable here!

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