15 Speed Cleaning Tips to Get Your Home Sparkling (Fast)!

speed cleaning tips

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Do you need to get your home clean but have no time to do it? Maybe you have guests coming over unexpectedly and don’t have much time to straighten up. Or maybe you just need a way to get the cleaning done faster on a regular basis. Whatever your reason, these simple speed cleaning tips and hacks will save the day!

Believe me, mama, I get it! With young kiddos at home (especially when they’re home.all.day), it’s tough to keep the house tidy or company ready, let alone sparkling clean. The struggle is real.

But these speed cleaning tips and hacks will help you to get the most important things done quickly and easily so you can move on with your day (to the fun things you have planned!).

speed cleaning tips

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The Best Speed Cleaning Tips

Sometimes you learn you have unexpected company coming over or you only have a short amount of time at home before you need to run out the door to an activity (or you just want a straightened-up home but without all the fuss), and at those times these speed cleaning tips can save the day!

Just do whatever items on this list that you have enough time for or that you feel are the most important. I won’t judge! 🙂

1. If you have company coming, tackle the most frequented areas first.

This is perhaps the most important speed cleaning tip or hack.

If you are cleaning because you have company coming, then clean the areas most likely to be used by company first. That likely means the porch and entryway, living room (or family room/front room), and bathroom. If your guests will be staying for dinner, make sure to tidy up the kitchen and dining area, too!

2. Tidy up the clutter.

Clean off the coffee or end tables in the living room, clear the kitchen counters and table, clear off the bathroom counters, and pick up toys and clothes and other items from the living room and bathroom floors.

Spend a few minutes tidying up any bookshelves, desks, or other surfaces that need it, too. Straighten throw pillows and blankets as needed.

3. Spray on cleaners—and then walk away.

This is another of my favorite speed cleaning hacks.

Spray cleaners are a great way to help make cleaning easier! You can spray counters, spray the stovetop, spray the toilet, spray inside the microwave, spray the tub or shower, faucets, and more! If you have smudges on the mirrors or light switch plates or door jambs, spray those surfaces, too Let the spray stand for the recommended amount of time, and then you can wipe up messes and spills much easier!

Vinegar and water or vinegar, water, and liquid dish soap are a great all-purpose, cheap, light duty cleaner, and sprinkling on baking soda is a great way to help clean up grease from kitchen spills or splatters.

4. Wipe up any spots or spills on the floors.

Use a wet paper towel or rag to wipe up spills on the bathroom or kitchen floor (or any other hard-surface floor).

5. Wipe up the surfaces you sprayed.

Come back and wipe up the kitchen counters, stovetop, microwave, bathroom counters, toilet, tub, mirrors, light switch plates, door jambs, and so on.

6. Wash the sink and load the dishwasher.

If you have dishes in the sink, load the dishwasher. Then scrub the sink and wipe down the faucet. Grind up a lemon in the garbage disposal before doing a final rinse of the sink.

7. Tidy up bedrooms.

Tidy up bedrooms if you have guests who might see them (and if you have time).

8. Sweep.

Sweep the entryway and kitchen floor. If you have enough time, sweep the porch and walkway. Also sweep the bathroom(s) and kitchen, time permitting.

9. Vacuum.

Vacuum the entryway, hall, and living room or family room/front room first. Then if you have time, vacuum bedrooms or other rooms, too.

If you have a robo vacuum, you could set it to work on the vacuuming while you do other things.

If you have pets, also vacuum up any pet fur from the couches or chairs, or use a lint brush.

10. Dust.

If there is noticeable dust in the living room or other places and you have time, quickly dust.

11. Take out the trash.

If you have garbage cans that are visible or getting close to full, take them out.

12. Swap out the towels.

Replace kitchen and bathroom towels (especially hand towels) with fresh ones as needed.

13. Replenish toilet paper and paper towels and soap dispensers.

Replace toilet paper and paper towel rolls with new ones as needed. Also refill soap dispensers in the bathrooms and kitchen as needed.

14. Make it smell good.

Light candles or put out new air fresheners, or simply spray air freshener.

15. Enlist reinforcements to make speed cleaning even faster.

Get help from your spouse and kids, if you can. There’s no reason to do all the work yourself if you don’t have to!

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Final Thoughts on the Best Speed Cleaning Hacks and Tips

I know that cleaning can feel overwhelming, especially when you have a lot to do in a limited amount of time. That’s why speed cleaning can be such a powerful weapon in your momming arsenal!

With these 15 speed cleaning hacks and tips, you can get your home in tip-top shape in no time!

What are some of your favorite speed cleaning tips and hacks? What speed cleaning hacks have you found to be most helpful? Leave a comment below and let me know! I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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