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How to Start a Money Making Blog (It’s Fast and Easy!)

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One of the (many) awesome things about blogging is that you can set up a blog in just a few minutes and for super cheap, too.

Read on to learn the 5 simple steps for setting up your own money-making blog.

1. Decide what you want to write about and choose a name for your blog.

If, like me, you know what you want to write about from the very beginning, then pick a name that matches your topic. That can help with SEO.

However, even if you don’t know what you want to blog about or don’t want to be confined to a narrow topic, that’s fine, too. Bloggers like Lena from What Mommy Does and Carly from Mommy on Purpose and Grace from Chasing Foxes don’t blog about one particular thing, and they make thousands of dollars (generally, $10,000+) a month from their blogs.

If you don’t know what you want to write about yet, you can use a generic name like “Musings by Mandy.” Don’t get hung up on this; you can always change your domain name later, if you choose.

Once you have chosen a name for your blog, choose a corresponding domain (site) name, such as or

Stick with .com (rather than .net, for example) because that is what people are most used to.

Once you choose a name, then you need to purchase your domain name. You can set up your domain name at the same time that you buy your hosting service (see the next step).

2. Choose your hosting service.

With this blog, I am using Name Hero for my hosting service. They were recommended to me by a top blogger in the industry, and so far, they have been great.

Their customer service is great and their response time awesome, and my site speed is great too! (That’s the main reason I went with them for my second blog, because site speed matters!)

If you are looking for a hosting service, I highly recommend them.

The awesome thing about setting up web hosting is that it is super cheap and super fast (it can be done in only about 10 minutes). You can start a website or blog for less than $3 a month!

I will be adding step-by-step instructions (with pics!) soon, for setting up your web hosting, but in the meantime, if you are looking for super affordable (and reliable!) web hosting, then I do recommend Name Hero as a great option. They have plans that range from less than $3 to $8 a month.

And even without the pics and instructions, setting up the web hosting is super easy. It only takes about 10 minutes! Just follow the easy prompts on their website when you sign up.

3. Install WordPress.

Once you have purchased your web hosting plan, you can then install WordPress on your site (for free). WordPress is the most popular choice for running a profitable blog. And it’s easy to use, too. (You can do this from your NameHero dashboard by following the simple step-by-step instructions here.)

4. Choose a theme and start building your blog.

The theme is what helps to determine the look and feel or style of your blog.

A very popular, free, and easy to use theme is the Astra theme. (<< You can download and install it with a just a few clicks from this link.) That is the theme I am using for this blog.

Then start building the main pages of your blog, such as the home page, the about me page, and so on.

Building pages is very easy with the new WordPress Gutenberg editor.

5. Start writing blog posts!

You can start creating blog posts as soon as you have WordPress installed, and it’s as easy as using Word. (Easier, actually.)

As you create your blog posts, you can work to build up your audience through social media and Pinterest so that you can start to monetize your blog.

If you want even more help (hold-your-hand type of help) setting up your blog and in taking the first steps to monetize your blog, then I highly recommend the course Blog by Number by Suzi Whitford. (She’s even thoroughly updated it last year, so it’s even much better now than when I first went through it, but I went through it again when I built this second blog. Good stuff!)

And also check out Suzi’s course Printables by Number. It’s a great way to start to easily create fun and simple digital products to sell.