85+ Easy and Fun Toddler Finger Foods

toddler finger foods

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When we had our first daughter, I read and learned about baby-led weaning, and the concept really resonated with me. It just made sense to me. So when my daughter was about 7 months old (I wanted to do exclusive breastfeeding for at least 6 months), we started introducing simple toddler finger foods.

Some of the very first toddler foods we introduced were banana wedges and avocado wedges. In the coming weeks we also gave her strawberry slices, cheese “strips” (a thicker slice of cheese cut into long strips), toasted Os, hard-boiled eggs, watermelon wedges, orange slices, and kiwi wedges.

We didn’t use traditional bottled baby food (it’s so expensive, and we lived on a pretty small budget), but using these toddler finger foods worked just great for us. Plus, making toddler finger foods (and even making baby food, like pureed carrots and peas and applesauce and so on) is really easy!

Read on to learn the best, and easiest, toddler finger foods to feed your little ones!

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toddler finger foods

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Easy Toddler Finger Foods

In the article I share some of my favorite toddler finger foods. Most of these are the foods that we fed our own kiddos when they were toddlers, and they worked just great.

We didn’t feed our babies traditional baby food from a jar (we made our own, but honestly not a ton of it), so these toddler finger foods were the way to go for us.

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55+ Quick and Easy Toddler Finger Foods

Here is my big list of more than 60 toddler finger foods. For your convenience, I have categorized them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, but don’t feel bound by that. If you want to feed your little one pancake or waffle strips for dinner, for example, go for it!

Toddler Finger Foods for Breakfast

Pancakes, cut into strips

Waffles, cut into strips

Crepes, cut into strips

French toast, cut into strips

Soft muffin, cut into thick slices or wedges (less crumbly = less messy)

Scrambled eggs, not broken up too small

Breakfast egg and cheese muffins

Cereal bars, cut into strips or chunks

2 ingredient banana oat cookies

Hard boiled egg

Healthy baby donuts

Yogurt fruit popsicles

Fresh fruit:

  • Banana wedges
  • Strawberry slices or wedges
  • Raspberries (cut in wedges, if big)
  • Blueberries (cut in wedges, if big)
  • Watermelon (cut in wedges, if big)
  • Orange slices or wedges
  • Kiwi wedges
  • Mango wedges
  • Avocado wedges (make sure avocado is ripe and soft)
  • Pear wedges (from soft pears)
  • Cantaloupe wedges (soft)
  • Honeydew (soft)
  • Cherry tomatoes, halved

Toddler Finger Foods for Lunch

Below you will find in this section some of the best toddler finger foods for lunch.

Whole wheat crackers with cheese wedges

Quesadillas, cut into strips

Chicken, cut in wedges or large chunks

Large, soft meatballs

Chicken nuggets (you can find a tasty chicken nuggets recipe here)

Peanut butter sandwiches, cut in strips or large chunks (for older toddlers)

Rolled up luncheon meat with cheese cubes or wedges

Mac and cheese muffins

Mini corn dogs

Pizza snack bites

Grilled cheese sandwich, cut in wedges (older toddlers)

Any of the ideas from breakfast

Toddler Finger Foods for Dinner

These are some of my favorite 3 ingredient dinner recipes.

Fish sticks and fries (for older toddlers)

Soft meatloaf, cut into strips

Cooked macaroni or spaghetti noodles (just leave off the sauce when you make mac and cheese or spaghetti; my kids ate this well past the toddler stage)

Bean and cheese quesadillas

Rainbow Omelette Cakes

Veggie mac and cheese (kind of messy as a finger food; mac and cheese muffins are a good alternative)

Fish cakes

Diced hot dogs (make sure they are diced, to avoid a choking hazard) and sweet potato fries

Pizza quesadillas (quesadillas with pepperoni and other fun fillings)

Veggie meatballs

Cheesy Sausage Biscuit Cups (cut into pieces)

Any of the ideas from the list of toddler finger foods for breakfast or lunch

Toddler Finger Foods for Snacks

In this section I share some of the best toddler finger foods you can use for snacks. (Actually, you can use most of the ideas above for snacks, too!)

Soft pretzel bites

Pepperoni slices

Cheese cubes or wedges

Popcorn (no hulls)

Toasted Os or other breakfast cereals


Wheat or snack crackers

Fruit wedges (see the list above in the breakfast section)

Baby carrots, cooked to be soft

Cauliflower and broccoli florets

Raisins or craisins

Dried fruit

Cheese crackers (or Goldfish)

Graham crackers

Apple wedges (for older toddlers)

Cheese wedges or cheese sticks

Fruit snacks (candy)

Rolled up luncheon meat

Toddler Finger Foods for Treats

Here are some simple ideas for finger food treats that you can give your toddler. (For older toddlers; we didn’t introduce sweets to our older daughter till she was around 2. With our two younger kiddos, that was tougher, since we already had the older one to tempt them. :))

Of course, there can be some overlap here with the list of snack ideas above.

Sandwich cookies

Other store-bought cookies

Homemade cookies

Donut pieces

Gummy bears

Fruit snacks

Frozen yogurt pops

Freezer pops or popsicles

Brownie bites (you can easily cut up brownies yourself for this)

Blondie bites

Cupcakes (kinda messy, but less messy if you leave off the frosting)

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Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this list of fun and easy 3 ingredient recipes. Those are some of the best easy 3 ingredient recipes for families. Most of these easy 3 ingredient recipes are budget friendly, too, which is a huge plus in my book!

What are some of your favorite easy 3 ingredient recipes? What simple three ingredient recipes do you love and make again and again? Leave a comment below and let me know! I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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