19+ Fun Valentine’s Day Recipes You’re Gonna Love

Valentine's Day recipes

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I really am so grateful for Valentine’s Day because not only is it a fun way to celebrate those we love, but it is something fun to look forward to during the cold winter months. <3 And one of the fun things that we do in our family to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to make fun Valentine’s Day recipes! You will love these easy, fun Valentine’s Day meal ideas!

Whether you’re a young couple or a family with kiddos, you will love these fun Valentine’s recipes for breakfast, dinner, desserts, and treats!

Valentine's Day recipes

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Simple and Fun Valentine’s Day Recipes (Valentine’s Day Meal Ideas)

You and your sweetheart or kiddos will love these simple and creative Valentine’s recipes! In the list below you will find recipes for Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas, Valentine’s Day dinner ideas (or lunch ideas), and Valentine’s Day dessert or Valentine’s Day treat ideas. Enjoy!

Heart-Shaped Pancakes

I love these beautiful (and tasty) heart-shaped pancakes.

Valentine's Day recipes - Heart-Shaped Pancakes

Heart-Shaped Waffles

Or if you prefer to have waffles instead of pancakes, then heart-shaped waffles are another great option for fun heart-shaped foods that you can enjoy as a fun Valentine’s Day food!

Valentine's Day breakfast recipe - Heart Shaped Waffles for Valentine's Day

Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes

This is a fun and festive (and scrumptious) Valentine’s Day breakfast idea!


Egg in a Heart Toast

This is a super simple and fun (and quick!) Valentine’s Day breakfast idea. Simply use a cookie cutter to cut out a heart shape in the center of your slices of toast, and put your sunny side up fried egg inside. Idea found at KidStir.com.

Valentine's Day breakfast ideas - 
 Heart Shaped Egg In a Hole

Sweetheart Cinnamon Rolls

This is another awesome and fun Valentine’s Day food! With their sweet goodness, sweetheart cinnamon rolls are a perfect way to spoil your sweetie on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day foods - sweetheart cinnamon rolls

Heart-Shaped Lasagna

This heart-shaped lasagna is a fun Valentine’s dinner recipe to feed the whole family or crowd.

Heart Shaped Pizza

We’ve been making heart-shaped pizza on and off for Valentine’s Day for years, and it’s a lot of fun as another great Valentine’s Day meal idea! And super easy! One thing I had never thought of till I saw it online, though, was to use heart-shaped pepperoni. Too fun! You can find the recipe and tutorial for how to do heart-shaped pizza with heart-shaped pepperoni here.

Heart Shaped Pizza Tutorial

Heart-Shaped Calzones

Continuing with the Italian theme we’ve got going on here, heart-shaped calzones are another perfect Valentine’s Day dinner idea.

Valentine's Day dinner ideas - calzone hearts

Heart Shaped Chicken Pot Pies

With a heart-shaped baking dish, you can make all sorts of fun heart-shaped dishes, like heart-shaped chicken pot pies!

Valentine's Day recipes - Sweetheart Chicken Hand Pies

Grilled Cheese Hearts and Tomato Soup

This is a perfect dish for those cold February days–grilled cheese heart sandwiches and tomato soup. Yum!

heart shaped recipes - Grilled Cheese Hearts and Tomato Soup Recipe

Heart Shaped Quesadillas

Heart shaped quesadillas are a super easy Valentine’s Day dinner (or lunch). I love this simple Valentine’s Day meal idea!

Valentine's Day meal ideas

Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls

These raspberry swirl sweet rolls are not a quick treat, but they are a tasty Valentine’s Day dessert (or Valentine’s Day breakfast). If you want to go the extra mile, form them into hearts, to make them extra Valentiney.

Valentine's Day recipes - raspberry sweet rolls

Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Bars

These fun strawberry swirl cheesecake bars are another prefect addition to your Valentine’s Day dinner.

Valentine's Day treats

Easy Heart-Shaped Shortbread Cookies

This Valentine’s Day recipe of heart-shaped shortbread cookies is another fun and easy heart-shaped dessert. Shortbread cookies don’t have to be enjoyed only at Christmas; they can be a perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day festivities, as well!

heart shaped dessert - Easy Shortbread Heart-Shaped Cookies with text overlay.

Valentine’s Brownies

If you love frosted brownies (or just need an excuse to eat brownies on Valentine’s Day), then these fun Valentine’s brownies are a perfect solution. They’re a beautiful and delicious Valentine’s Day dessert.

Valentine's Day recipes - Easy Frosted Valentine's Brownies Recipe

Red Velvet Heart Shaped Cake

If you enjoy baking you’ve probably made red velvet cake before–but have you ever made a heart-shaped red velvet cake? Twice the Valentiney festiveness. 🙂 These are a perfect Valentine’s Day treat.

Valentine's Day recipes - Red velvet cake

Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Keeping the red velvet theme going, these red velvet white chocolate chip cookies are perfect for Valentine’s Day! They’re a fun Valentine’s Day recipe as is, but to make them an even more for Valentine’s Day treat or Valentine’s Day dessert, use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to form them. <3

Valentine's Day recipes - Red Velvet Cookies

Red Velvet Cookie for Two (Red Velvet Skillet Cookie)

OK, one more fun red velvet cookie recipe. This one you bake in a cast-iron skillet (or other round baking dish would work, too). This red velvet cookie for two also features white chocolate chips. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream. Delish!

This Red Velvet Cookie is sized down for two, just in time for Valentine's Day and is chewy, chocolate filled and full of flavour!

Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookies

Your kiddos love heart-shaped sugar cookies, right? Mine sure do! Get a scrumptious heart sugar cookies recipe here.

Valentine's Day recipe - conversation heart sugar cookies

Super Easy Strawberry Fudge

This is a colorful and fun dessert recipe. If you love strawberry treats, then give this super easy strawberry fudge recipe a try!

Valentine's Day dessert recipes - strawberry fudge

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake

This is another fun Valentine’s Day recipe that is a delicious heart-shaped chocolate cake. Found at Good Housekeeping.

Valentine's Day recipe - heart shaped cake

Final Thoughts on Fun Valentine’s Day Recipes

I hope you loved these fun Valentine’s Day recipes! These Valentine’s Day meal ideas will help to keep this fun holiday special for your sweetheart or family!

What fun Valentine’s Day recipes do you love? Do you have Valentine’s dinner recipes that you traditionally make every year? Leave a comment below and let me know! I would love to hear your ideas!

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